Albania: Nationwide voter authentication platform to increase transparency

More than 5,000 biometric voter-authentication kits deployed nationwide to 3,500 polling places; and e-voting pilot in capital Tirana.

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VSAP Los Angeles voting machine

Los Angeles County: Building and deploying VSAP, a model for 21st Century elections

Since first deployed for the 2020 primaries, the VSAP system has proven accurate and secure in nearly a dozen LA County elections.

Argentina: Most accurate, fast and transparent provisional tally in its history

Three hours after voting ended, more than 70% of tallying reports were digitized, securely transmitted and uploaded into the system.

Belgium: Custom voting solution to enable seamless election experiences for all

Election support to 4,243 polling sites in 185 municipalities in Flanders region, Brussels Capital region and German-speaking community.

Estonia: Delivering the most advanced and highly trusted internet voting solution

Since the introduction of i-voting, overall turnout has risen continuously. In 2021, 47% of voters preferred to cast their votes online.

Norway: Online voting to facilitate democratic participation for Finnmark citizens

Given the option to vote online or with paper, 85.5% of citizens chose the convenience of online, showing their trust in the system.